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Your Corporate Contract: What you are really signing up to!


I love this photo! The late 1950s or early 60s and some of these lads are forging the contract we live with today. The young man in the front seat goes on to lead this national level ‘corporation’ into the computer age.

Peter O’Reilly 2013 ©

I wrote most of the following a long time ago. It applies more or less to most private corporations and many public ones. It would be interesting to know how it goes with NGOs and community organisations. I’ve since written another attachment to go with this one. I’ll share it another day. Enjoy and thanks for reading! Feel free to share this but please acknowledge me and where it came from.

Your Corporate Contract: The Small Print:

This attachment forms part of your employment contract but is never to be discussed or mentioned. Specific components of the contract may be referred to when explaining/complaining about how difficult your work life is  – however this attachment to the contract is to remain confidential. Actually you don’t need to be shown this at all – you just know it!

  1. You are to put your family’s interests ahead of your own – but not your employers.
  2. You are to give your employer and career precedence over your family on a day to day basis. You are allowed to deny this but not to do anything about it.
  3. Do not claim any overtime or even suggest that there is such a thing as ‘regular hours’. Act as if whatever you are doing is ‘normal’.
  4. You are to put your employer and career ahead of your health until such time as it fails you – then after a short period of support, you’re on your own – so have health and income cover. You will be erased from everybody’s memory the following week.
  5. Take pride in the fact that you go to work sick.  Spreading germs gives others the opportunity to test their commitment to the organisation.
  6. You are expected to:

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