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Your Corporate Contract: The Small Print – Attachment #2


Be innovative and compete but never be a whistleblower.
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Limitations to Your Rights as a Citizen Okay I know some of this is written specifically into your contract but I am just making sure you understand. I wouldn’t want you saying the wrong thing and embarrassing somebody. This should be read in conjunction with: ‘Putting your job ahead of your family’.

You will put your role as a corporate employee ahead of your role as a citizen. You will not make known to anybody any corporate legal, ethical, moral or ecological transgressions. Specifically you are not to speak to the media or anyone who might actually do something about it.

What you can do! If you absolutely must speak out then present the problem weakly to a superior who will tell you how to think about the issue.  Then with a nod and wink to your superior let them know you are savvy, to be trusted and therefore possible management material. Do not do this often as you may not appear to have sufficient moral and intellectual control … the kind required for an executive role. If you do this repeatedly you will be labelled and sent to ‘special projects’.

Definitely Don’t Do This! Speak out loudly or publicly. You will be treated as a whistle blower. The whistleblower is  the Continue reading

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