Peter L. O’Reilly

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  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Organisationational Reviews – Culture, Structure, Job Design, Performance, etc.
  • Strategic Planning & Research
  • Public Speaking
  • Mediations
  • Staff Development: leadership, communications, teams, change, conflict resolution/negotiation

About Peter

Peter is a Brisbane (Australia) based Organisational & Development Consultant, originally completing post-graduate studies in Psychology at the University of Queensland. Some great experience working in the Financial Services industry preceded over 25 years in consulting, training and business (both as a member of consulting teams and independently). In recent years Peter’s business interests have extended beyond the consulting world, and like all challenges, this has proved to be invaluable. Peter’s experience has made it obvious that the quality of a project will be influenced by a number of factors:

  • The quality of the relationship: No surprise that the relationship with the customer is paramount and built on mutual respect.
  • Clear objectives: A customer that works with the consultant to develop a clear understanding of the need for change and the objectives is well on the way to getting a good result.
  • Openness to change and ideas is different from the relationship: Joining a gym doesn’t mean you are willing to do what is necessary to get fit and healthy. Openess is a willingness to work with a consultant, test new processes and ideas and a readiness to make the changes necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Be wary of trends and be prepared to customize: There is a large amount of repackaged, reframed, productised and quasi-intellectual material marketed to the business world as consultants and academics try to differentiate, reinvent themselves and make their mark. A lot of business is not that mysterious.
  • Get the strategy right and add value: A consultant can add value in a lot of ways that are not obvious at the outset of a project. However, get the strategy wrong at the start and it is going to cost a whole lot more than just the extra money.
  • There’s a lot more. Click for another small taste.

Peter’s goal is to always leave the customer organization healthier, more robust, and more functional.

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Our private interests shape who we are as professionals:

Peter is a keen cyclist (with a professional interest in health and fitness and occasionally races with the University of Queensland Cycling Club), rock climbed for many years (New Zealand, Europe, Nepal & Tibet – recently showing signs of coming out of climbing retirement!) and has a more than a passing interest in science and economics generally. Further, an interest in music, HiFi and the quality of our acoustic environment finds Peter writing the occasional blog at ‘The Beautiful Sound Project’. All of these activities find a positive way of spilling into Peter’s approach too consulting. Spend some time with Peter and you will soon discover how these topics are relevant.


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