Peter L O’Reilly

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  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Organisationational Reviews – Culture, Structure, Job Design, Performance, etc.
  • Strategic Planning & Research
  • Public Speaking
  • Mediations
  • Staff Development: leadership, communications, teams, change, conflict resolution/negotiation

About Peter

Peter is a Brisbane (Australia) based Organisational & Development Consultant, originally completing post-graduate studies in Psychology at the University of Queensland. Some great experience working in the Financial Services industry preceded over 25 years in consulting and training (both as a member of consulting teams and independently). In recent years Peter’s business interests have extended beyond the consulting world, and like all challenges, this has proved to be invaluable. Peter’s experience has made it obvious that:

  • The quality of the relationship: No surprise that the relationship with the customer is paramount and built on mutual respect.
  • Clear objectives: A customer that works with the consultant to develop a clear understanding of the need for change and the objectives is well on the way to getting a good result.
  • Openness to change and ideas is different from the relationship: Not all customers are ready and open to working with a consultant nor ready to make the changes necessary to achieve their desired outcomes. This usually becomes obvious fairly quickly in the relationship.
  • Be wary of trends and be prepared to customize: There is an increasing amount of repackaged, reframed and quasi-intellectual material appearing in the business world as consultants try to differentiate and reinvent themselves. A lot of business is not that mysterious.
  • Get the strategy right and add value: A consultant can add value in a lot of ways that are not obvious at the outset of a project. However, get the strategy wrong at the start and it is going to cost a whole lot more than just the extra money.
  • There’s a lot more and click for another small taste.

Adding Value: 

Good consultants can deliver a set program, process or work within the parameters provided by the customer (see note below). That’s what they are paid to do. However, it is going beyond what is expected and adding unexpected value that makes the difference. For Peter, the goal is always to add that extra value, even when it is not obvious to the customer, so as to leave the customer organisation healthier, more robust, and more functional.

Diverse and Deep Experience

Peter’s business and professional experiences are diverse in every respect. Professionally diverse including athletes from the AIS, the last of Ipswich’s underground miners with New Hope, leading technology developers and providers Intelematics, infrastructure engineers and project managers at TMR, SMEC and other civil engineering organisations. The list of professionals Peter has worked with seems endless (Accountants, ICT, Food Scientists, Retail etcetera). Assignments have included Leadership Development Programs, strategic planning and reviews, executive coaching and mentoring, facilitating industrial relations agreements, market research, organisational reviews, restructures, mergers, decommissioning businesses, intergenerational change in family-owned corporations, motivational speaking, personal development and facilitating more strategic planning than he cares to remember. Team building and enhanced communications and decision making were present in nearly all assignments.

Intelligent, Flexible Learning & Outcomes

Change Management and Strategic Planning often bring ambiguity, complexity, and anxiety. Peter is great at working through these with individuals and teams. Similarly, when doing training and development, people often bring complex questions to the table. Peter has an ability to step outside the structured program and work with those questions, knitting topics together and pushing the understanding of the client. The goal is to help generate options and directions for the client. This is when insight and innovation can occur.  He has the ability to work with a clients interests and demands as they emerge and provide an outcome.

Customised Responses

Selling a prescribed product or process has it’s advantages and certainly suits a range of situations … just not all situations. A lot of change initiatives suit customisable processes and responses. The consultant group can productize the service, brand it, market it and train people to deliver it. It also comes with disadvantages of inflexibility, consultants who can’t move outside the process or develop new responses to unforeseen situations and outcomes. Often customised responses can seem more time consuming to begin with but prove there worth in the program. Just some of the differences Peter brings are evident in the blog ‘12 (Not 11) Things I Have Learnt About Change Management

Right-Sizing for Consultants

Use the right number of people for the job. Consulting firms and consultants serve an important purpose for customers however they are also businesses and businesses that can be expensive to run. Particularly when partners in the consulting business have very high-income expectations. So consulting companies like big jobs with big billable hours. They can be rewarded for making jobs become much larger than they are or need to be. Peter prefers elegant and affordable programs delivering outcomes with a minimum of fuss. If necessary Peter can pull a team of people together, however the goal is always to ‘right size’ the resources applied to achieve an outcome. Peter hates waste!

More About Peter

Besides his obvious professional interests he is also a keen cyclist (with a professional interest in health and fitness and races with the University of Queensland Cycling Club), rock climbed for many years (New Zealand, Europe, Nepal & Tibet – retired for now) and has a more than a passing interest in science generally as well as music, HiFi and the quality of our acoustic environment (The Beautiful Sound Project). All of these activities find a positive way of spilling into Peter’s approach too consulting.


If you are looking to work with a consultant and you don’t want a cookie cutter then please feel free to contact Peter.