‘Think !’

This is a collection of short observations and opinion pieces.  Some are philosophical and given within the Australian context. ‘Think!’ extends the blog.  It also includes what might be considered working definitions of topics which makes clearer what is said elsewhere on this site. The goal is to clarify my own thinking and to provoke thinking and understanding by the reader. It is not to present the ‘truth’ or ‘solutions’ – though sometimes there will be suggestions of what might be helpful.  It is no accident that ‘Solutions’ is the first topic in ‘Think!’.   The collection will obviously build slowly over time and I hope to keep it as coherent as possible.

Solutions – Complexity and Unintended Consequences

Ideology – Reason & Progress Get Cancer

Alcohol – An Australian Primer

Public Relations – Less Consultation & More Propaganda

The Corporate Classes – Just Who Is In Control?

Westfield  – Homogenising Aussie Culture

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